Friday, 11 April 2014

Teachers Easter

I've been making little origami boxes, it's a really simple way to make a little gift box and scrapbooking paper is perfect to make these little boxes especially double sided scrapbooking paper because you do see both sides of the paper when it is all made.
These ones were made for my children's teachers as a little gift for my boys to give this Easter. They were made with plain white craft stock that I sprayed with some mists and colour shine again (can you tell I'm addicted!) then added some chocolate eggs in the box and embellished with a few bits and prices. Blake wrote a not and popped it inside the box and I got Luke to write his name on the tag, next time I must remember to get him to do that in the morning when he's not tired ;-)
I was surprised last night when speaking with my mum who works in a kindy she told me that none of the teachers received Easter gifts this year. So did you give Easter gifts to your children's teachers this year or did you give it a miss this year???

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  1. I haven't visited for a while but I'm inspired by all your creativity Amie!
    Loving your layouts, soaps and Easter pretties!
    Hope Luke's health has improved since his hospital visit...very scary for you. xx