Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Easter

We had lots of fun yesterday, lots of sweet moments with my boys and my nieces and nephews.
This is how it looked to me...

The table.
I face painted the kids face, Caitlin was the most adventurous.
Tiny speckled eggs.
Easter treats.
Bunnies hopping in flowers.
Lots of smiles from the little ones.

It has taken Luke a long time to recover this time. It worried me. But he seems to be back to his smiling self now. Thanks for your love.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Little Luke

It seems this time I knew something was wrong. On Sunday night I sat down to write a post about how Luke is going, a little catch up. Half way through there was something tugging at my heart, may be I was just worrying but I couldn't continue, I let it go.
Monday morning things were just not right, by the time I got up when Paul left for work I knew Luke wasn't ok. I began to pack a bag and had a quick shower and sat down with him where he was lying on the couch.

He was vagued out, could really speak. He wasn't there. I knew it was coming. I rolled him over a little and it started. I had medication to stop it. I rang the ambulance instantly. His heart pounded, body twitching, half his body limp the other half tight and strained, dribbling everwhere, eyes twitching. Blake called Paul crying, nothing I could do to help my big boy. They talked me through administering the medication and the ambulance got here just as the medication stopped the siezure. This was another long one, 20 minutes, walking into dangous territory at this point. They start talking brain damage after 30 minutes and it was only stopped by the medication, I don't think it would have stopped without it.
He was in hospital overnight, throwing up- the medication doesn't sit we'll in his little sensitive stomach. We now have to decide weather to put him onto some serious medication with serious side affects, some of which he would never be able to tell us are happening to him. He's taking longer to recover this time but he did have a cold. Just thankful my little guy is still here with me. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Today I Made: Mini Album

Hello, I hope your enjoying your weekend. 
This little mini album was made with dear lizzy project life cards and was a really simple and fun way to make a mini album.
I cut two strips of scrap paper 4 inches high and folded each into quarters then adhered them together then at each fold I used my corner punch to round the corners. I then sprayed each strip with mist and let dry.
Then added my project life cards, then photos, journaling, a couple of pockets with tags and embellishments.
I love how this little album just fits in the palm of your hand, it's such a sweet size.
I also love how it simply concertinas and so you can flip though it like a book or open it right out, it sits sweetly on the table like this.
This mini is all about remembering the things that make us happy, sometimes it can be really simple things, like fresh cut flowers from the garden bringing a smile to my face.
It came together so quickly and easily and was lots of fun to embellish.
So have you MADE anything this weekend, or are you planning to make something?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Teachers Easter

I've been making little origami boxes, it's a really simple way to make a little gift box and scrapbooking paper is perfect to make these little boxes especially double sided scrapbooking paper because you do see both sides of the paper when it is all made.
These ones were made for my children's teachers as a little gift for my boys to give this Easter. They were made with plain white craft stock that I sprayed with some mists and colour shine again (can you tell I'm addicted!) then added some chocolate eggs in the box and embellished with a few bits and prices. Blake wrote a not and popped it inside the box and I got Luke to write his name on the tag, next time I must remember to get him to do that in the morning when he's not tired ;-)
I was surprised last night when speaking with my mum who works in a kindy she told me that none of the teachers received Easter gifts this year. So did you give Easter gifts to your children's teachers this year or did you give it a miss this year???

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

On My Table

I have had the most beautiful roses from my garden on my table lately, this one is my favourite. It had to be transplanted and since then this is one of the first flowers that it has produced, I was so excited when I found it! 
Theses are the other three varieties that are in my garden at the moment, the bright red rosé has had hundreds of flowers on it.
I'm hoping this winter to get a few more rose plants in my garden, they always make me so happy and they are so beautiful to bring inside. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hopping into Easter

I've been doing a tonne of paper playing lately, honestly I've been having so much fun getting a bit messy. So some Easter pockets were whipped up they include a sweet spot on the back of the card to write a special note.
They all have a lot of misting on them either Heidi Swapp's colour shine or some 'Mister Heuys'  or a mixture of both. The colour shine is especially delicious it has such a sparkly shiny finish to it. There is lots of fun cut shapes, ribbon, tags, embossing and even project life cards.
And of course Mr Bunny makes an appearance on all of these Easter treats!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Snail mail

I've been super inspired lately with so many beautiful ideas on Pinterest and instergram there is just an abundance of inspiration just waiting to be used!
So snail mail has been something I thought would be lovely to make, because who doesn't love receiving something special in there mail box? 
This was a simple piece of white card sewn up to create two pockets to add lots of little bits and pieces to. Embellished with bits and pieces I had here and added some little notes to the pockets.
So much fun whipping up a simple creation to be sent in the mail. When was the last time you sent something pretty in the mail??

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Bunnies are multiplying!

We're getting closer to Easter so there has been lots of Easter making going on over here.
Felt bunnies are being stitched up and stuffed with eggs.

Carry boxes have been made, perfect for Easter gift giving.

And pretty cards ready to put with a chocie or two.