Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Little Luke

It seems this time I knew something was wrong. On Sunday night I sat down to write a post about how Luke is going, a little catch up. Half way through there was something tugging at my heart, may be I was just worrying but I couldn't continue, I let it go.
Monday morning things were just not right, by the time I got up when Paul left for work I knew Luke wasn't ok. I began to pack a bag and had a quick shower and sat down with him where he was lying on the couch.

He was vagued out, could really speak. He wasn't there. I knew it was coming. I rolled him over a little and it started. I had medication to stop it. I rang the ambulance instantly. His heart pounded, body twitching, half his body limp the other half tight and strained, dribbling everwhere, eyes twitching. Blake called Paul crying, nothing I could do to help my big boy. They talked me through administering the medication and the ambulance got here just as the medication stopped the siezure. This was another long one, 20 minutes, walking into dangous territory at this point. They start talking brain damage after 30 minutes and it was only stopped by the medication, I don't think it would have stopped without it.
He was in hospital overnight, throwing up- the medication doesn't sit we'll in his little sensitive stomach. We now have to decide weather to put him onto some serious medication with serious side affects, some of which he would never be able to tell us are happening to him. He's taking longer to recover this time but he did have a cold. Just thankful my little guy is still here with me. 


  1. Oh Lukie! Thinking of you and sending you both big hugs. Follow your heart with every decision you make Amie and trust that all will be as it should. Sending you strength. xxx

  2. Oh Amie sorry to hear about your little boy. Glad the ambulance people came quickly and you managed the seizures.
    Hope something can be done to help him in the future.