Saturday, 1 February 2014

Project Life

I finally decided to give in and have two albums for this year, last year I did a mish mash of project life and scrap pages and my album is bursting at the seams. I know just how popular project life has become in Scrapbook Land, I figured let's just go with it this year and see how we go. I can honestly say that I am completely loving my PL album already and though I will still be scrapping pages because it is such a delicious way to capture moments, enjoy products and be creative but PL has a really nice flow to an album, it really tells your continuous life journey and it is simple- love that! 
So this is week one, left side above right side below.
I'm not so worried if I miss weeks or if I'm not always up to date I've already had moments with my boys looking through the past few weeks enjoying seeing what we've been up to. So much more to share, I've decided that I'm just going to be blogging from my ipad for a while, so I'm hopefully here more often, if the formatting isn't so perfect oh well, it will just be nice to be here :-)

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