Sunday, 2 February 2014

Project life Week Three and Four

So here is week two and week three :-D

Week two was fairly uneventful and I hadn't taken many photos for it. Maggie Luke's blanket was captured and I'm glad because she (yes she!) is such a big part of our lives. She plays a big role in Luke's sensory needs and takes a lot of pressure off of me, it makes it much easier for him to be able to look after his own sensory needs rather than depend on me. Although there are times when he most certainly needs me, these times are lessened thanks to Maggie. He treats Maggie like a person, he tells her she is cute and talks to her, he always knows where she is, I think Maggie might even deserve a whole page soon ;-)

week three was an exciting week we had a new couch delivered and it was Blake's Birthday! This new couch has completely changed our day to day lives so much! Blake asked to go to the museum for his birthday with his cousin, he had a wonderful day! 
So I'm nearly caught up :-)

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