Saturday, 23 August 2014

Today I made: Lip Balm

There has been lots of making going on here lately I've been trying to make a few new things that I've never made before.
 Lip balm is really simple to make all that needs to be done is melt down your ingredients in a double boiler and then pour into the vessel you would like to use. if you were just making it for yourself you could use a nice recycled jar or even some tupperware. I have made some to give as gifts and didn't have anything nice to put it in so I bought some, they are fairly inexpensive and are easy to find on the net.
The Lip balm recipe I used is:
1 tbsp of beeswax
2 tbsp of shea butter
2 tbsp of coconut oil

This made quite a bit of lip balm I even tried making some coloured lip balm. I still have a few little pots to fill so next time I am going to try adding a little honey to my balm.

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