Monday, 29 July 2013

You Are Unique

Making is something that makes me feel unique.
I may not always get it quite right, the things I make might be terrible, a big flop or too simple. They might be great either way it is not my job to be worried about the outcome of who I am or what I do. 
It is just my job to be me.
To live in the space of love and use the talents that I have been given because good or bad, either way they are unique.
How do you feel about your life? 
Are you doing that thing that gets you going or are you just hoping to make it to tomorrow?
Are you living your Uniqueness?
Is there something small that you could do to make yourself happier, living in the uniqueness of yourself.
Is there something that you dream about doing but don't think that it is possible?
I promise you that if you are scared (like I sure am) it all comes down to small steps.

This is the exact reason I am here now. It is by no means perfect. I want to use my uniqueness and my love of making things to make a difference to people and that is incredibly scary for me. I have so many ideas about how to do that and so many reasons not to follow through with it. Right now the first step I can take is being here.
Are you on your own journey to making your dreams happen? have you embraced your uniqueness?
We would love to hear about it!

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